What defines Anne Elisabeth Kiær as an artist is her search for new expressions; from meticulously detailed drawings, almost conceptual in their form, to representational drawings or totally abstract pieces. Her paintings have the same characteristics. Some works shows leaves or vegetation from a forest, others are close to monochrome abstractions.

Her formats reflect her intent to create; from tiny, detailed drawings to large, monumental canvases. Maybe this is where the strength of her artistry lies; the will to always look for new challenges, never being satisfied with the latest expression.

In contrast to her bold and colorful paintings, the exquisite detail of her drawings, both figurative and abstract, is a demonstration of the diversity of her work. 

In her own words “I am driven by finding the balance in a painting, the shapes and colors need to work together to give a piece its character, its ability to communicate with the viewer even though it might only be a whisper”. 

Her paintings project a sense of inner understanding and intuitive source to achieve such majestic and intricate artwork. 

Exerpt from press release, Salomon Arts Gallery, September 2016


I've been following the work of this talented Norwegian artist for some years, and find her remarkably multi-faceted and skilled in not only painting, but drawing and photography.  Her current abstract canvases have complexity and strength of brushstroke, and convey a mood that draws in the viewer. Her work reveals an artist who finds profound inspiration in her surroundings and the intimate moments of life.  She’s one to watch.  
George Collins
Founder and CEO



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